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Think Green

Dolvean House has a proactive environmental policy to go towards protecting our world’s natural resources and make life more pleasant and less dangerous for ourselves, our children, animals and plants. Wherever possible and without cutting short on your comfort, we try to reduce the waste of water and energy and the usage of chemicals and dangerous materials. Any recyclable products find their way into the various recycle bins or on the allotment compost. With new purchases and bulk products used in the house we go for environmental products. We support local businesses as much as we can. Not only have we fantastic products in Cornwall it also reduces the traffic congestions on the roads. We constantly attend to and improve our herbaceous areas around the house and garden and to encourage plenty of birds room to live and feed.

What we do


  • Use of chlorine and bleaching agents in the house.
  • Use of aluminium, plastic and paper.
  • Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


  • Recycle waste products as much as possible. In Cornwall we collect glass and plastic bottles, aluminium cans and tins, cardboard and paper
  •  Vegetable and garden waste to be composted.


  •  local and fresh products from local suppliers.
  • Flow limiting devices for taps and showers.
  • Low energy light bulbs.
  • Central heating and cooling fans appropriately.
  • Electrical timers to limit electricity consumption.
  • Collected rain water for watering the plants.


  • Regular checks and maintenance for leaks and damages in the house.
  • Regular checks and maintenance on fridges and freezers
  • Insulation of all pipes that supply hot water.
  • Bulk purchases.
  • Use of local materials in the building and construction projects of the house.

What can you do to help?


  • leave your car in our car park and use local buses trains and ferries.
  • avoid excessive use of water and electricity where possible.
  • be careful with wastage in your room and switch off the lights before leaving the room
  • place your newspapers, bottles and cans by your room bin for recycling.
  • respect our no smoking policy.
  • help us keep Dolvean House, the surrounding area and the beach clean for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you for reading our policy.

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